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Bereavement Volunteer Gudrun Eastham spent her young adult years in Ventura County, lived in Colorado to care for her in-laws, and then returned to Camarillo when her father died in 2007. As she and her mother both struggled with the loss of a beloved father and husband, Gudrun reached out to Camarillo Hospice for group support. She was present at the beginning of the newly formed Adult Loss of Parent group. When her mother died in 2010, Gudrun became a substitute facilitator for this group and currently runs the group.

Gudrun firmly believes that “grieving…should not be done alone”, and she appreciates that “ideas for coping with loss are spoken out loud without censure or critique.” She has seen firsthand how, no matter how long ago a person’s loss is, a grief support group offers the chance to learn and grow through the simple acts of sharing and listening together. Gudrun is a vital part of the Camarillo Hospice team through her outreach to Gudrun is a vital part of the Camarillo Hospice team through her outreach to the community also. She enjoys telling others about what CH offers and she invites them to participate in a variety of ways: in a support group, as a volunteer at the Camarillo Certified Farmer’s Market, as a group facilitator, or as a volunteer for Camarillo Hospice fundraisers. Gudrun is a shining example of dedicated service to us and to her community!

Since its beginning as a grassroots community effort in 1978, Camarillo Hospice has been touching lives, lifting spirits and serving the community. Through the professionalism and commitment of our staff and volunteers and the generosity of our donors, Camarillo Hospice continues to provide free practical and emotional assistance to individuals and families throughout Ventura County who are facing a life-limiting illness (acute or chronic) and/or dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. We offer this heartfelt support to the patient and family with compassion, respecting our patients' and clients' rights, treating them with dignity, and providing empathic care completely free of charge. It is their right and our mission.



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