Caregiver Support


Typically, a patient with a life-threatening illness has an identified caregiver, whose task is to meet the needs and requirements of the patient throughout his or her remaining life. The caregiver can be a spouse or other relative, a friend, or a professional. Regardless of the patient/caregiver relationship, however, care giving is a stressful and demanding job. It's not abnormal for a caregiver to feel resentful one minute and guilty the next. Mixed and fluctuating emotions arise from the stress of care giving, and can often lead to caregiver burnout.

Caregivers do not have to struggle alone. Support and relief are available from Camarillo Hospice, where volunteers are trained to help in a caring and sensitive manner. We can provide your own special volunteer for a variety of services, including:

• Respite (giving the caregiver "time out" to leave the home or hospital)

• Telephone reassurance

• Friendship and companionship

• Transportation

• Practical help

• Counseling, including assistance with end-of-life issues and directives

• A hopeful, helpful ear

• Referrals to other agencies and resources

• Information on caregiver support groups

• Guidance in discussing your condition/situation with medical professionals and your family

From a Camarillo Hospice client

"It was my first experience with a counselor and it was a comfortable, comforting experience. The counselor made me feel so safe. I was able to talk about anything and everything. I was so at ease and able to talk about feelings, my past and things that were sad and difficult…"  —P.O.



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