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Camarillo Hospice Board of Directors

Kay Wigton, Chair
Tony Trembley, Vice Chair
Gerald "Gerry" Olsen, Secretary
Keith Sciarillo, Treasurer
Randy Churchill, Immediate Past Chair
Jay Berger
Christine Cohen
Cameron Draine
Linda Dullam
Dennis Gaiser
Theresa McConville, Esq.
John P. McCoy
Amy McDade
Roger "Ted" Rains
C. Albert Reeves, M.D.



Sandy Nirenberg, President/CEO
Laurie Davis, MSW, Director of Volunteer Services
Carole Wadsworth, MA, MFT, Director of Counseling Services
Stacia Sickle, LCSW, Associate Director of Counseling Services
Catey Franklin, Administrative Services Coordinator
Belinda Brown, Event Coordinator

Counselors & Interns

Laura Gallardo, MA

Yash Mirji, MS

Carrie Phillips, MA

Margot Parker, MS

Jackie Toth, MA

Brittany Volpei, MSW

Marilu Duarte, MA, MFT

Rose Yanez, MFT

Michelle Willams, MS