Dispelling the Myths About Hospice


MYTH:  Hospice is only for people who are dying.

REALITY:  Hospice actually is about how you live. Hospice is a philosophy that benefits people of all ages at all stages of their lives by promoting and enhancing the quality of a patient's remaining life. Hospice care focuses on the patient and his or her support network as a single unit of care. The dual emphasis of hospice care is palliative rather than curative treatment, and quality rather than quantity of life. The hospice experience can be more meaningful when it is provided over a period of months, rather than days.

MYTH:  My doctor has to refer me to Hospice.

REALITY:  While a medical hospice requires a doctor's referral (as well as a somewhat specific life expectancy and cessation of all curative treatment), volunteer hospices do not. In fact, we help many patients dealing with chronic disease. Anyone can call Camarillo Hospice for assistance and support. Patients can self-refer or a family member, friend, spiritual advisor, neighbor, doctor, etc., can make the initial contact on a patient's behalf. All information is confidential, and Camarillo Hospice will follow up only when we know the patient or family wishes to speak with us.

MYTH: Hospice is only for cancer patients.

REALITY: Hospice is for any and all individuals and families facing a life-limiting illness, including chronic disease, whatever the diagnosis and regardless of the stage. In fact, our Friendly Visitor Program was designed specifically to meet the needs of the chronically ill. Hospice also is for anyone coping with the grief of losing a loved one.



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